I’m a mid-40s male taking up Judo again after a 20 year hiatus. I did it for a few years in my teens but didn’t get far. Back then I didn’t exhibit any particular natural talent and I’m certainly not showing natural ability now either.

I restarted Judo as part of a midlife crisis coincidentally when I was looking for an activity for my daughters to get engaged in (they were 3 years old at the time).

Judo is one of the most authentic things I have ever been engaged in. It involves demanding, complex physical movement. Full mental immersion. Misdirecting your opponent, imposing your will, yielding… it’s rich in its depth. It’s also a hard combat sport that needs undertaking within a community that mutually benefits otherwise the adventure is short-lived. Coming back to it now I regret not sticking with it but we have different values at the different stages of our lives.

I offer these small, bite-sized ramblings as a way to benefit anyone who’s interested in the thoughts of an older recreational judoka. You could be a coach (in that case, please stop focusing your efforts on the impressionable under-12s only). Perhaps you’re an older judoka (you’re not dead yet, keep moving). Maybe you’re a judo enthusiast (perhaps you need to set me straight on something, or my epiphanies might just humour you). 

Judo is deceptive in it’s depth. It’s hard, it’s exhausting. It’s a ‘sudden death’ sport and a martial art that will make you and break you. If you allow it: you’ll change for your benefit of your life story and those around you. Perhaps my ramblings will resonate, I hope they do. And if they do, leave a comment and be nice.

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  • I don’t have much in terms of quality Judo photography – if you have any photos of yourself please send them through and I’ll add them to this blog. I’ll obviously attribute the pictures to you or your club.
  • If you have any topics you’d like me to cover or if you want to be a guest writer please get in touch.